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 DorsaVi™ Athletic Movement Index

Biomechanics Analysis

 What is the DorsaViAthletic Movement Index?

Analytics for Athletes has implemented DorsaVi™ wireless sensor technology into our treatment and training of both athletes and patients. DorsaVi’s™ Athletic Movement Index (AMI) uses an individual’s unique movement to establish a baseline ability, assess the risk of injury and guide the plan of care to resume daily activities. Pairing the AMI results with Analytics for Athletes skilled therapists’ ability to accurately analyze the data results identifies deficiencies in movement and weakness. We build a performance plan tailored to each athlete's identified weak points. This will both enhance performance and reduce injury risk.

Benefits At-A-Glance

  • Collects accurate, objective data with comprehensive movement testing

  • Assesses strength, stability, flexibility, symmetry and balance

  • Creates a baseline ability to guide personalized treatment planning

  • Ranks patients’ risk for injury when returning to their sport

Injury Risk Reduction Baseline

  • AMI + One Additional Test Baseline ($150)

  • AMI + Two Additional Tests Baseline ($180)

    •  Quick Board Agility Rating

    • Proteus Performance Testing

    • Styku 3D Body Scan

    • Running Assessment

Concussion Screening

  • SWAY App Concussion Screening + AMI + Quickboard Agility Rating ($200)


* Additional $30 Fee Per Extra Service


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