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Styku™ 3D Body Scanner
A Revolution in Body Scanning Technology

Styku™ 3D Body Scanner (3-Minute Test)

Extracts measurements, shape, body composition and other insights

The Styku is 96% as accurate as a Dexascan, it provides measurements on Body Fat %, Lean Muscle Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate, Caloric Goals and more. Styku is a device that uses 3D body scanning technology to measure your body composition. It digitally creates a 3D image of your body and measures circumferences like waist, hip, chest and arms.

Why Styku?

  • Accurate Measurements - With Styku, precision is at your fingertips. Our 3D body scanner captures millions of data points to provide you with accurate body measurements within seconds.

  • Track Progress - Visualize changes in shape and body composition with a clear, easy-to-understand 3D model. Monitor success over time with precise comparisons between scans.

  • Personalized Health and Fitness - Receive customized reports that help tailor your physical therapy or fitness program to your body’s unique needs. Utilize predictive health markers to gauge risk for conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

  • Fast & Non-Invasive Experience - Enjoy a comfortable and private scanning process with no discomfort or exposure —only takes 35 seconds to scan, just stand on the platform and let Styku do the work.

Services Offered

  • Initial Full Body Scan

  • Detailed Body Composition Analysis

  • Personalized Wellness Assessment

  • Progress Tracking with Follow-Up Scans

Ideal for Anyone

  • Rehabilitation: Accelerate recovery with targeted treatments based on your precise body structure.

  • Athletes: Optimize training and performance by understanding body composition in detail.

  • Weight Loss: Visibly track fat loss and muscle gain with indisputable evidence.

  • Health Enthusiasts: Stay ahead with a comprehensive view of your fitness journey and attain your goals.

Styku™ 3D Scan Packages:

  • $50 Per Scan ($10 Off 1st Time User)

  • $135 for a Pack of 3 (Save $15)

  • $250 for a Pack of 6 (Buy 5 Get 6th Free)


To register for any of our services please use the MindBody:

If you have questions or would like to learn more please contact:

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