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We are dedicated to empowering athletes with cutting-edge data to tailor their training regimens for optimal performance and injury prevention. Our mission transcends beyond traditional training methods; we harness the power of analytics to craft a customized approach that aligns with each athlete’s unique physicality and goals.

Our Approach to Injury Prevention

We recognize the impact of non-contact injuries on an athlete’s career. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to providing pivotal insights that form the foundation of a personalized training program. Our objective is not just to enhance performance but to fortify athletes against the unpredictability of injuries.

Comprehensive Testing Packages Offered:

Injury Risk Reduction Baseline:

AMI + One Additional Test Baseline ($150)
AMI + Two Additional Tests Baseline ($180)

•  Quick Board Agility Rating

•  Proteus Performance Testing

•  Styku 3D Body Scan

•  Running Assessment

* Additional $30 Fee Per Extra Service

Concussion Baseline:

SWAY App Concussion Baseline ($60)

Concussion Baseline Plus:

SWAY App Concussion Baseline + AMI + Quickboard Agility Rating ($200)

Styku 3D Scan:

•  $50 Per Scan ($10 Off 1st Time User)

•  $135 for a Pack of 3 (Save $15)

•  $250 for a Pack of 6 (Buy 5 Get 6th Free)

Proteus Training Sessions:

$1 Per Minute - Recommend 30 Minute Session

We provide each service a la carte, or you have the option to customize a package tailored to your unique requirements.

To register for any of our packages please use the MindBody:

If you have questions or would like to learn more please contact:

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