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Analytics for ATHLETES

Analytics for Athletes is a cutting-edge program that combines the expertise of the professionals at Davis Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab with the wearable device technology of DorsaVi.

We use cutting edge technology to help determine movement inefficiencies and imbalances in the body. Through advances in knowledge and over 20 years of experience in physical therapy and sports medicine, Dr. Davis has created an evaluation system that allows insight into how the body moves and uses technology that gives data metrics instantaneous. These data points assist in planning exercise regimens that will both reduce injury occurrence and enhance sport specific performance.

Injury Prevention

Sports related injuries are at an all-time high. It is estimated that there are over 200,000 ACL injuries in the US per year and over 100,000 ACL reconstructions (surgery). With such staggering numbers, we need to exhaust all models of how to make our athletes safer. Implementing a short, 3 exercise model into the daily practice routine is one way in which change can occur. By drilling down the data, we can tune into exactly what each athlete needs to do to reduce his or her level of injury risk.

Sports Performance

Every athlete that competes on a high school team wants to perform at his or her best. We use technology to provide objective, non-biased measurements of performance and skill achievement to work with the athlete’s Brain and Body. We begin to engineer the building blocks of elite sports performance. By combining science, technology and psychology, and by elevating the mind-body connection we help athletes increase and enhance their physical performance.

How It Works

The technology is a wearable and wireless movement sensor technology that tracks and measures how elite athletes move in real-time across a variety of sports. It consists of wearable motion and muscle activity sensors that record data at 200 frames per second, and intuitive software with sophisticated algorithms that turn robust data into easy-to-read human movement data and meaningful results about how athletes are moving.

During Testing

Each athlete's lower legs will be marked for sensor placement.  They will complete three exercises:

  • Double leg squat

  • Single leg squat (left & right)

  • Single leg hop (left & right)

Real-time data will be recorded in our DorsaVi platform, ensuring we have exactly what we need on the spot. Additional exercises for sport-specific evaluations may also be performed upon request.

After Testing

Dr. Davis will compile the data into an easy to read spreadsheet, broken down by sport. She will analyze the data, considering:

  • Squat angles

  • Knee/ hip strength & stability

  • Balance capability

  • Core strength

Then create and share with the coaches, exercise recommendations for each team. The exercises will assist the athletes with improvements in strength, flexibility and stability as well as limit their exposure to injury.

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It is our mission to provide exceptional customer service and clinical excellence based on the most current research. By signing below you give your student athlete permission to participate in this school sponsored event.
Students' testing results will be emailed individually as well as shared with their coaches.

Thanks for registering! We look forward to meeting your athlete!

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