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Analytics for Athletes


Empowering athletes to perform their best

We partner with schools, clubs, camps and individuals,

using analytics to support athletes on their path to excellence!

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Our Program

Launched in June 2019, Analytics for Athletes is a cutting-edge program that combines the expertise of the professionals at Davis Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab with the wearable device technology of DorsaVi. The program identifies and targets both individual and team-aggregated athlete deficiencies in order to maximize athletic performance and prevent injury. We use DorsaVi technology to measure the data, then run analysis and provide personalized team protocols that coaches can incorporate into their drills.

Building a stable foundation

At Davis PTSR, we are at the forefront of our industry when it comes to treating athletes.


We believe:

  • Alignment and stability promote strength

  • Strength promotes power

  • Power drives performance


By targeting alignment and stability, we help athletes build a strong core, allowing them to maximize every workout, every drill and every rep. The result? Higher confidence, optimal performance and fewer injuries.

Bringing analytics to sports

DorsaVi is a powerful, new wearable technology that measures human body movement like never before. The wearable movement sensors are paired with HD video to produce real time objective data.


We use DorsaVi to:

  • Assess injury risk

  • Guide interventions

  • Create smarter rehabilitation and exercise plans

  • Track results

Benefits of the Analytics for Athletes Program

Create Core Stability

Core muscles stabilize the hips and shoulders, and protect the spine from excessive load.


Prevent Injury

More than 3.5M kids under 14 receive medical treatment for sports injuries every year .


Avoid Overuse

Overuse injuries account for nearly 50% of sports injuries to middle and high school athletes.


Enhance Performance

Addressing deficiencies can improve speed,

conditioning, flexibility, agility, strength and power.

running (1).png

Our Approach



Test using DorsaVi wireless technology. Each athlete can be tested on-site in as little as 2 minutes.



Analyze individual and team data to identify weaknesses and deficiencies.



Create and share a protocol that addresses problem areas at the team and/or individual level.



Retest, analyze results and update protocol accordingly. Repeat annually.

“If you think you're done, you always

have at least 40% more.”

Lauren Crandall

Ready to prevent injuries and maximize performance?

We test winter sports in Oct/Nov and spring sports in Jan/Feb.

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Dr. Andrea Davis





Andrea opened Davis Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab in Medford, NJ in November of 2016. At the heart of her mission, her career decisions and her character is her identity as an athlete and her passion for sports medicine.

 Andrea graduated from Misericordia University with a Doctorate Degree in 2010. Earlier in her education while earning her MPT, she also pursued her dream of playing collegiate softball, and was a four year starter and two year captain. Her background as an athlete and coach gives her the unique ability to understand athletes' challenges and goals, better equipping her to identify treatments with the highest potential for success.

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