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Object Balance and Cognitive Testing on the mobile devise you and your athlete already own.

Baseline Testing (20 Minutes)

Baseline testing can be performed on any flat surface, in person or remotely. Devices used for testing must be connected to the internet to perform the baseline test.

Sideline Evaluations (5 Minutes)

Sway screenings can be performed in under 5 minutes on the sideline during the game. With immediate results, you can quickly compare the athlete's current scores to their baseline as well as normative data based on the athlete's age and sex.

Return-to-Learn & Return-to-Play

Unlimited tests per athlete allow you to provide the best care for your athletes, testing cognition, balance, and gathering symptoms as often as you'd like.

Concussion Baselines

  • SWAY App Concussion Baseline ($60)

  • SWAY App Concussion Baseline + AMI + Quickboard Agility Rating ($200)

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