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Comprehensive Athletic Team or Group Testing
Unlock Your Team’s Full Potential

At Analytics for Athletes, we understand the importance of detailed athletic evaluation to enhance team performance, reduce injury risks, and optimize individual athlete development. That’s why we’re excited to offer exclusive Team or Group Testing sessions, tailored specifically for athletic teams aiming for the next level of excellence.

Testing Includes:

  • DorsaVi AMI (Athletic Movement Index): Measure the bio-mechanics and functional symmetry of each athlete to identify potential areas for improvement and prevent injury.

  • Quick Board®: A dynamic test to evaluate reaction time, agility, and coordination, providing vital data to enhance performance

  • Proteus®: The revolutionary system for 3D strength and conditioning assessment, offering insights into the athlete’s velocity and power production.

Team Benefits:

  • Group Testing Efficiency: Your entire team can come in on the same day, moving through our specialized testing stations seamlessly.

  • Customized Athlete Packets: Post-testing, we compile individualized results for each athlete, including
    in-depth analysis and recommendations.

  • Coach’s Roster Report: Receive a comprehensive overview of your team’s metrics and insights to inform training strategies and decision-making.

Optional Concussion Screening:

Understanding the critical importance of concussion awareness and preparedness in sports, we also offer optional Concussion Screening. Our state-of-the-art screening process is designed to:

  • Establish a Baseline: Early detection of symptoms and diagnosis can significantly impact the management and recovery process. A baseline acts as a reference point to identify these outliers.

  • Education on Concussion Management: Provide coaches and athletes with proper knowledge on how to effectively manage concussions.  Aiming to minimize the long-term consequences of sustaining sub-sequential concussions.

Join Us:

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your team’s performance, safety, and health. Secure your Group Team Testing and take the first step towards unlocking your athletes’ full potential.

We also offer team and group discounts as well as on-site testing.

To learn more about Analytics for Athletes please contact

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