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Erica Marchlowitz

Analytics for Athletes Advisor & Social Media Coordinator

Erica Marchlowitz began working at Davis PTSR as an aide for her senior semester internship while studying at Rowan University. Since graduation, she has put her passion and degree in Exercise Science to work full-time, becoming more involved with analytics development and social media content.  As a supervisor for the analytics department, Erica oversees the baseline and routine testing for DorsaVi Athletic Movement Index, Quickboard agility and Proteus performance. Simultaneously she uses the power of social media to share Team Davis’ knowledge and educate both patients and others. 

Erica is a sports enthusiast who grew up with a love for volleyball that led her to coaching for a local club and joining the club team at college. When the pandemic shut down schools and sports participation, she looked for other ways pursue an active and healthy lifestyle. What quickly became a passion for overall wellness and health ultimately led to Erica’s interest in exercise science and where she is today.
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