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Unleash Your Athletic Potential:  Join Our Sports Conditioning Camp

Achieve athletic excellence and gain a competitive edge with our Sports Conditioning Camps, designed for athletes 12 and up. Our curriculum will focus on muscular strength, power, endurance, speed, agility and teamwork to enhance sports performance. Embark on a journey of peak performance that is designed to fuel your success and unleash your full potential. Revolutionize the way you train, compete, and achieve greatness. It’s time to take your athletic journey to new heights.

Why Our Camp:

•  Improve Strength and Endurance    

•  Increase Stamina

•  Better Agility and Speed    

•  Enhanced Flexibility

•  Reduce Risk of Injury    

Camp Details:

•  Ages 12 & Up

•  Small Group Classes

•  Camp will be held on grass outside at Davis PTSR 

•  Cost: $150 per week/student

•  Monday - Thursday (Choose 1 Option):

8-9:30 AM or 6:30 - 8 PM

•  Camp Weeks Offered (Choose 1 or Multi-Weeks):

June 17-20, June 24-27
July 8-11, July 15-18, July 22-25, July 29 - Aug 1st

Secure Your Spot By Register online using MindBody:

If you have questions or would like to learn more please contact:

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